Ayudas de Introducción a la Investigación y postdoc en Bilbao

Mar ’17

 Estimados miembros de la Red Ibérica en Teoría de Grupos,

 os reenvío un par de convocatorias que pueden ser de vuestro interés,

Un saludo



Información sobre la convocatoria;
Fecha límite para presentar solicitudes: 3 DE MARZO.

Postdoc position at the University of the Basque Country (in Bilbao, Spain)

The position is for upto 2 years (one+one, renewable annually) and the start date is flexible, although we prefer if the candidate can start before or during the summer. The salary is 32.500 euro/year gross, which is about 25.000 net. There is no teaching load and additional funds are available for conference/travel etc.
Applicants must have or expect to receive a PhD at least one month prior to the start-date of their appointment.

Preference is given to candidates whose research interests lie in one of the following subjects:

  •  Geometric group theory.
  •  Point-free topology. 
  •  Finite p-groups, cohomology and groups acting on rooted trees.
  •  Characters, algebraic combinatorics and graph theory.

Applications (including curriculum vitae, list of publications, names of references with their e-mail addresses) must be sent by email in PDF format to ilya.kazachkov@gmail.com by the 3rd of March.

3 postdoc positions in Seville

Jul ’15

Dear Colleagues,

Please send this information to anyone you think is interested.

Best regards,

Juan Gonzalez-Meneses.


3 postdoctoral (4 years-term) positions at the University of Seville,
one for each of the following Departments:

  • Algebra.
  • Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis.
  • Mathematical Analysis

The deadline for applying is July 22nd, 2015.

More information and instructions:

Contrato postdoc en el Departamento de Álgebra de la Universidad de Sevilla

Jul ’15Jul

Queridos compañeros.

Se ha abierto el plazo de presentación de solicitudes para los
candidatos a un contrato postdoctoral en el Departamento de Álgebra de
la Universidad de Sevilla.

Fecha de presentación: del 3 al 24 de julio de 2015.

Más información (la solicitud de los candidatos es la parte B):


Por favor reenviad a los posibles interesados.

Un saludo.

Juan González-Meneses
Director del Departamento de Álgebra
Universidad de Sevilla

Postdoc position in Bilbao

Abr ’13


The GRECA research group at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain, seeks candidates to apply for a postdoctoral position in one of the following areas of interest of the group:

* Group Theory (in charge of Gustavo A. Fernandez-Alcober, Jon Gonzalez-Sanchez)
* Character Theory of Finite Groups (in charge of Josu Sangroniz)
* Algebraic Combinatorics (in charge of Luis Martinez)

The postdoctoral contract is for 12 months, and can be extended for another 12 months. The gross salary is 25,751 euros per year.

Requirements of the candidates:

* PhD degree in Mathematics obtained within the past three years (after May 2nd, 2010).
* Citizenship of a member state of the European Union.
* Two papers published or accepted for publication in journals included in the Journal Citation Reports.
* Not having been contracted with a postdoc position before in a Spanish university or research centre.

Application procedure:

* Candidates should send a comprehensive curriculum vitae, along with names and contact information of two references to the following email address, before April 19th: gustavo.fernandez@ehu.es
* We will contact the selected candidate on April 22nd, in order to prepare with him/her the application to the postdoctoral position, which must be submitted before May 2nd. Applicants will be notified about the selection results within six months after this deadline.