Conference “Representations of Finite and Algebraic Groups”, Les Houches, France

Jun ’14
Feb ’15Feb

Dear colleagues,

this is the first announcement concerning a conference
in Les Houches (France) :

Title : Representations of Finite and Algebraic Groups
Dates : February 9-13, 2015
Location : Ecole de Physique des Houches
Invited speakers :

M. Cabanes
J. Chuang
D. Craven
O. Dudas
M. Geck
R. Kessar
A. Kleshchev
M. Linckelmann
J. Michel
G. Navarro
G. Robinson
R. Rouquier
B. Sambale
B. Späth
D. Stewart
P.H. Tiep
G. Williamson

More information can be found on the website :

If you are interested in participating to this meeting, please send an
e-mail *before June 30, 2014* to for registering.
In this e-mail, could you please answer to this form :

(1) Name:
(2) Surname:
(3) Institution:
(4) E-mail address:
(5) Diet:
(6) Accompanying person? yes/no
(7) Request financial support?
– Travel: yes/no
– Housing: yes/no
(8) Other comments:

With best wishes,
C. Bonnafé, O. Brunat, and G. Malle

Joint Italian-Spanish meeting

Abr ’14
May ’14
Jun ’14Jul
Dear colleagues,

A joint international meeting of mathematics organised by all Italian and Spanish mathematical societies will be held at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain, from June 30 to July 4 this year. Detailed information can be found at the following website:

Registration is now open, and participants of all nationalities are welcome. If you plan to attend, we recommend that you register and book your accommodation as soon as possible, since we expect a high number of participants.

In this meeting there will be a special session on group theory from June 30 to July 2, see

If you want to give a talk, please send an e-mail to the address, indicating that you wish to do so, and a tentative title, before April 16.

If there are more people interested in giving a talk than the number of free slots in the schedule of the special session, then the organising committee will make a selection. An answer will be given soon after the Easter holiday, and preference will be given to young researchers.

There will also be the opportunity to present a poster. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to the same address indicated above before May 31.

Best wishes,

Gustavo Fernandez-Alcober
Department of Mathematics
University of the Basque Country

Eighth Barcelona Weekend in Group Theory

Abr ’13Abr

Dear all,

next Friday 26th and Saturday 27th of April there will be the “Eighth Barcelona Weekend in Group Theory”. This is a short but intense meeting, with talks on Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning in Barcelona. Everyone is welcome to attend, but we can offer no financial help.

The confirmed speakers are:

Andrzej Zuk (Paris 7)
Delaram Kahrobaei (New York)
Ana Khukhro (Neuchatel)
Jon González (Bilbao)
Francesco Matucci (Paris)

More details to appear at

José Burillo, Enric Ventura, Yago Antolín


IX Encuentro en Teoría de Grupos

Jun ’12Jun

IX Encuentro en Teoría de Grupos. Primer anuncio.

El IX encuentro de Teoría de Grupos tendrá lugar en Madrid desde el 21 al 23 de junio.

Esta es la novena edición de la serie Encuentros en Teoría de Grupos que reune a los investigadores españoles en Teoría de Grupos y temas afines. Los encuentros ofrecen una oportunidad única en el ámbito nacional
para presentar los avances conseguidos en las líneas de investigación en este campo y para discutir, en un ambiente distendido e informal, nuevas perspectivas sobre los temas que nos interesan.
Animamos a todos los investigadores relacionados directa o indirectamente con la Teoría de Grupos a que participen y queremos hacer un llamamiento especial a los jóvenes que se inician en este campo para que expongan
sus intereses y aportaciones.

Toda la información relativa al registro, alojamiento y charlas se encuentra el la pagina web Grupos/IX Encuentro en Teoría de Grupos.html

Quienes penséis asistir inscribiros por favor cuanto antes en la web del encuentro.

Esperamos veros todos en Junio en Madrid!

El comité organizador

Jon González Sánchez

Andrei Jaikin Zapirain

Ana Zumalacarregui