[***Cambiadas fechas***] Sesión especial de teoría de grupos en el congreso RSME2017 (Zaragoza, 30-31/01/2017)

Oct ’16
Ene ’17Feb

RSME2017 2ARA602AActualización de fechas tras el mensaje http://ibg.blogs.uv.es/2016/09/19/cambio-de-fecha-en-la-sesion-especial-de-teoria-de-grupos-rsme-2017-zaragoza/

Dear colleagues of the Iberian Network of Group Theory,

The RSME metting 2017 (Congreso bienal de la RSME) will be held at the University of Zaragoza, from January 30 to February 3, 2017. Detailed information can be found at:


Registration is now open, and participants of all nationalities are welcome. If you plan to attend, we recommend that you register and book your accommodation as soon as possible.

In this meeting there will be a special session on group theory January 30 and 31, see


Confirmed speakers so far are

  • Gustavo Fernández Alcober
  • Juan González Meneses
  • Luis Paris
  • María Dolores Pérez Ramos
  • Luis París

If you want to give a talk, please send an e-mail to the address conmar@unizar.es, indicating that you wish to do so, and a tentative title, before October 30.

If there are more people interested in giving a talk than the number of free slots in the schedule of the special session, then the organising committee will make a selection. An answer will be given before the Christmas holiday, and preference will be given to young researchers.

There will also a poster session. If you are interested, please submit your application using the Conference webpage in

(deadline October 30)

Best wishes,

Ruben Blasco
Conchita Martínez Pérez
Paz Jiménez

Sesión especial Teoría de Grupos congreso RSME 2017

Ene ’17Feb

Estimados miembros de la Red Ibérica en Teoría de Grupos,


Por otro lado, del 30 de enero al 3 de febrero de 2017 se celebra en Zaragoza el próximo Congreso Bienal de la RSME y se nos ha propuesto a las redes presentar solicitudes de sesiones especiales. Vamos a presentar una solicitud de sesión especial en Teoría de Grupos, organizada por Paz Jiménez, Rubén Blasco y yo misma sobre la que os iré informando.


Dear Members of the Iberian Network in Group Theory,


I would also like to inform you that the next “Congreso Bienal de la RSME” will be held in Zaragoza from January 30 to February 3 2017. On behalf of our Network, we are goint to present a proposal for a Special Session in Group Theory organized by Paz Jiménez, Rubén Blasco and myself. I will give you more details as soon as possible.

Un saludo,



XI Encuentro en Teoría de Grupos

Sep ’16Sep

Estimados miembros de la Red Ibérica en Teoría de Grupos,

Ya tenemos información disponible sobre el XI Encuentro en Teoría de Grupos, que se celebrará en la UPC en Barcelona del 8 al 10 de septiembre organizado por Pep Burillo. En


podéis consultar los nombres conferenciantes invitados y detalles sobre cómo participar.

Dear Members of the Iberian Network in Group Theory,

this is the First Announcement of the “XI Encuentro en Teoría de Grupos”. Information about invited speakers and about how to participate can be found in


Un saludo,




Curso de Charles Eaton en Valencia, 9-11 febrero

Feb ’16Feb
Charles EatonEstimados compañeros:
Los próximos días 9-11 de febrero Charles Eaton (University of Manchester) impartirá un curso en la Universitat de València sobre “Basic algebras of blocks”.
La duración aproximada del curso será de 4 horas y media.
Los interesados en asistir al curso pueden ponerse en contacto conmigo (joan.tent@uv.es) para cualquier información al respecto.

Joan Tent

Group Theory in Florence: A meeting in honour of Guido Zappa

Jun ’16Jun

Estimados miembros de la red ibérica en teoría de grupos,

os reenvío el siguiente anuncio de conferencia,

un saludo,


Group Theory in Florence: A meeting in honour of Guido Zappa

Dear All,

This is the first announcement for the conference  “Group Theory in Florence: A meeting in honour of Guido Zappa” that will be held in Florence, June 16-17, 2016.

The invited speakers are:

  • Gunter Malle (University of  Kaiserslautern)
  • Francesco Matucci (University of   Sao Paulo)
  • Gabriel Navarro (University of  Valencia)
  • Pablo Spiga (University of Milano – Bicocca)
  • Gunnar Traustason (University of Bath)

For further information and to register for the meeting visit the webpage:

The Organizing Committee

Curso «Representaciones del grupo simétrico» en Valencia 19-21 octubre

Oct ’15Oct

Eugenio GiannelliEstimados compañeros:

Los próximos días 19-21 de octubre, Eugenio Giannelli (T.U. Kaiserlslautern) impartirá un curso en la Universitat de València sobre Teoría de Representaciones del Grupo Simétrico. La duración aproximada del curso será de 4 horas y media.


The aim of this short course is to define and characterize the simple modules for
the symmetric groups in both the ordinary and the modular setting. This will be
done via the classical combinatorial approach, used by Gordon James. The main
reference for these lectures is the book “The Representation Theory of Symmetric
Groups” by Gordon James.

Los interesados en asistir al curso pueden ponerse en contacto con Joan Tent (joan.tent@uv.es) o Carolina Vallejo (carolina.vallejo@uv.es) para cualquier información al respecto.

Un saludo,

Joan Tent


Measured group theory winter school, Feb 1 – 12, 2016, ESI, Vienna

Feb ’16Feb
Feb ’16Feb

Estimados compañeros,

os envío esta información por si es de vuestro interés,

Un saludo,


Please distribute this among young researchers who may be interested.
A poster is attached.

This is an advertisement of a winter school in measured group theory,
with the dates February 1 – 12, 2016, at the Erwin Schrödinger
Institute, Vienna, Austria, organized by Miklos Abert, Goulnara
Arzhantseva, Damien Gaboriau, Thomas Schick and Andreas Thom.

The school is a part of the thematic program ‘Measured group theory’
held at ESI January 18 — March 18, 2016. See
www.uni-math.gwdg.de/schick/ESI16/esi16_1.html  for details. The
program for the school is:

Week 1 (Feb 1 – 5):

  • Gabor Elek: Sofic groups
  • Yair Glasner: Spaces of subgroups and IRS
  • Andrei Jaikin-Zapirain: An algebraic proof of the strong Atiyah conjecture for free groups
  • Jesse Peterson: Character rigidity
  • Brandon Seward: Sofic and Rokhlin entropy

Week 2 (Feb 8 – 12):

  • Tsachik Gelander: Asymptotic invariants of lattices in Lie groups
  • Francois le Maitre: Full groups, topological rank and cost
  • Narutaka Ozawa: Noncommutative real algebraic geometry: Kazhdan’s property (T) and Connes’s embedding conjecture
  • Todor Tsankov: Automorphism groups and their actions
  • Robin Tucker-Drob: Borel and measured equivalence relations and trees

If you have any questions about the program, contact one of the

Applications to the school should be sent to creinha@uni-math.gwdg.de.
If you are a young researcher, also ask a senior researcher (typically
your advisor) to send a short reference email to the same address. The
selected participants will be provided some financial support to cover
their local expenses. In exceptional cases, some financial support for
travel will also be provided.

The application email should contain the following information,
preferably following the format below:

  • Your name:
  •  Email:
  • Affiliation:
  • Research topic:
  • Your advisor’s name (if you are a student):
  • Weeks of the school you are applying to:
  • Do you need per diem and/or travel support:

Best regards,

the organizers

Poster: poster_MGT_school_ESI_2016

3 postdoc positions in Seville

Jul ’15

Dear Colleagues,

Please send this information to anyone you think is interested.

Best regards,

Juan Gonzalez-Meneses.


3 postdoctoral (4 years-term) positions at the University of Seville,
one for each of the following Departments:

  • Algebra.
  • Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis.
  • Mathematical Analysis

The deadline for applying is July 22nd, 2015.

More information and instructions:

Contrato postdoc en el Departamento de Álgebra de la Universidad de Sevilla

Jul ’15Jul

Queridos compañeros.

Se ha abierto el plazo de presentación de solicitudes para los
candidatos a un contrato postdoctoral en el Departamento de Álgebra de
la Universidad de Sevilla.

Fecha de presentación: del 3 al 24 de julio de 2015.

Más información (la solicitud de los candidatos es la parte B):


Por favor reenviad a los posibles interesados.

Un saludo.

Juan González-Meneses
Director del Departamento de Álgebra
Universidad de Sevilla

PhD Fellowships at the University of the Basque Country

May ’15

The University of the Basque Country offers several Fellowships to study for a
PhD degree. The GRECA research group at the University of the Basque Country
in Bilbao, Spain, would like to advertise this call and offers its support in
applications under the supervision of Gustavo Fernandez-Alcober, Jon
Gonzalez-Sanchez or Ilya Kazachkov.


* Having completed their first (bachelor) degree after June 2012.


Candidates should send an e-mail to the address greca.group@gmail.com before
May 27th, including the following information:

* Comprehensive curriculum vitae, and full academic record.
* Cover letter.
* Two recommendation letters